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SLEEP – one thing I know so many of us struggle with. I’ve had so many requests to share hints and tips that help me manage my illnesses, so thought I’d start sharing more of them with you! And what better way to start than with SLEEP! For me personally, I struggle to get to sleep and then when I do eventually get to sleep I end up waking up multiple times through the night. So I’ve been looking at ways to help create a relaxing environment to help improve the amount of sleep I get and my sleep quality. In my searching I can across the @neomorganics range of products and I am in love with them! They smell amazing and are super relaxing! I currently have: Tranquility Reed Diffuser – this is always in my room and I turn the reeds every morning! It means my room always smells nice and lavender is known to help us relax. Scent & Sleep Tranquility Candle – the advice on the candle is to light for between 2 and 4 hours for best effects, though I’m always scared of leaving a candle lit in my room so I normally only manage to have it alight for an hour whilst I’m in my room reading! I love the smell the candle produces and watching the flame is so calming. De-Stress Home Mist – I spray this on my pillow and bedding and it again smells amazing and I definitely think it helps relax me! I don’t think you really have to use more than one product at the same time, but I’ve found all of them have their own benefits, so the combinations works really well! I really want to try the @neomorganics Well Being Pod – has anyone tried it? What do you think? We are all different, but these products help me so much I had to share them with you all! What helps you sleep? I’d love to know as I’m always looking for more things to try!

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